About The Pyrenean Sheepdog Club of Great Britain

Founded in 1992 by a group of enthusiastic people who decided that the Pyrenean sheepdog, although small in number in the UK, should have the protection of a Kennel Club recognised club for the breed.

The sole purpose of the club is to promote the breed and protect the welfare of this unique little dog, to gather information about the breed from experts of long standing from its country of origin, and to pass it on to its membership and members of the public without bias.

The club welcomes contact with Pyrenean Sheepdog owners from all the countries of the world, and would willingly liaise with other official clubs of those countries to further our interest and knowledge of the breed.

Because the Pyrenean Sheepdog Club of Great Britain is the only organisation recognised by the Kennel Club to represent the breed in this country, its members are invited to all events staged by the Kennel Club to promote all registered breeds, and the public can meet club members and their dogs at Discover Dogs at the O2 Arena in London every November, and at the Kennel Clubs own Championship Show, CRUFTS, in the Discover Dogs section.

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