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Health Schemes

The latest Breed information relating to Health Schemes can be found here



BVA / KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme

The British Veterinary Association jointly with the Kennel Club runs a scheme for X-Raying and assessing Hip Structure, and recording the results for future reference. 

A Veterinary Surgeon will take X-Rays of the dogs Hips, these are studied and points awarded for each of 9 aspects of the X-Rays of both hip joints.

These are then added up for each hip joint, and then a total combined score is arrived at. 

Min Score 0 - Maximum Score 106 [ 53 each hip ] 

The lower the total score number - the better. 

Each Breed has a different overall structure and so results should be compared with that Breeds Average Scores - called the "Breed Mean Score"

The 15 year BMS for the Pyrenean Sheepdog is 12.9 and the 5 year BMS is 15.3 [2020] 

It is recommended that dogs should be Hip Scored, and that individuals with results well above the BMS should not be included in a breeding programme. [Dysplasia means abnormal development.] The Ideal is to aim to breed with those around the mean score or below. 

The current cost for one dog Scored is c.£70 plus Veterinary & X-Ray fees. 

PSD Club --- PDA Heart Testing

Patent Ductus Arteriosus is when the small duct that by passes the lungs in the womb, and which becomes redundant and closes off after birth, fails to do so. 

In the womb, the mothers blood supplies all nutritional and oxygen needs of the growing pup. 

When it is born the lungs take over. 

If the duct fails to close it decreases the efficiency of the heart.

The condition can be detected at around 4 weeks of age 

The Club recommends that all puppies are tested. 

For both Tests contact your Veterinary Surgeon. 

The BVA & KC Website can give more detailed information 

PSD Club March 2020


2011/12 Health Survey Synopsis

Breed Health


A synopsis of the information gathered is below. 

In General, as a breed, the Pyrenean Sheepdog has good health with many individuals living into old age. Keeping your dog active in mind and body as well as maintaining an "Ideal Weight" is also key to a long and healthy life span. As with all breeds some diseases do occur. 

With responsible breeding instances should be kept to a minimum. The sharing of information is key. 

With this in mind the PSD Club of GB held its first Health Survey in 2011/12 with 50 completed Surveys received.

The Club will continue to gather information and conduct more surveys in the future with the next survey provisionally pencilled in for 2014 / 15 but if you feel you have any relevant information at any time please do contact the club.

Hip Dysplasia

Some hip dysplasia has been recorded in the breed. 

The clubs 'Code of Ethics' requires that dogs for breeding must be hip scored and stock with a significantly higher than the breed average should not be bred from. The Breed Mean Score is the average score of the dogs that have taken part in the BVA/KC scheme. 

Information and results can be accessed via the KC website. 


One dog experiencing episodes has been reported. The origins are not known and it is thought it may be inherited. With the continued gathering of information the situation can be monitored. 

Eye Problems

There have been cases of PRA reported in the USA and in other countries, but there has been no confirmed cases reported to the PSD club of GB at this moment in time. [Dec 2012].

PDA- Heart Testing

A responsible breeder will have puppies tested before they leave the mother. The clubs 'Code of Ethics' requires that all puppies are tested before they are sold and documentary evidence that the test has been carried out is required. No instances of PDA were reported in the survey. 

Sensitivity to Sedation

It is reported that two PSD's have taken time to recover after Anaesthesia

It seems in these cases that with the pre-med adjusted, recovery times have improved. 

No serious cases of extreme reaction have been reported, but it may be worth mentioning to your Vet that sensitivity can occur. Modern sedatives and anaesthetic are generally very safe.


Allergy & Food Intolerance

A couple of dogs are reported to have an allergy to fleas and one to grass. 

Enteritis bought on by food intolerance and Colitis by sensitivity to medication 

There is no evidence to suggest at this moment that these cases would be more than would occur in any other breed. 

Breeding Health

Females - Variable intervals between seasons from as little as 5 months to 10 months. 

Most at 6 months, 8 months and 10 months. 

Difficulties spotting seasons and achieving mating were reported which follows with anecdotal evidence that the Pyrenean Sheepdog is not easy to breed. 

Whelping - Ten litters reported - with one caesarean. 

Males - One Crypt Orchid and One low fertility 

December 2012 


2011/12 Health Survey Summary





The Club received completed questionnaires from 26 individuals and 3 joint ownerships. 

A total of 50 dogs of which 44 are still alive and well. Even though some surveys have been returned without a positive response to the question of heart tests, it is noted that a lot of the dogs will have been tested as puppies as they have come from sources where the breeder always has the puppies tested.

It is a shame that the club did not receive more completed questionnaires. Also by the nature of things people are more likely to take part in these exercises if they have encountered a problem. To make a proper balance and put these issues into perspective, more questionnaires and completed questionnaires from owners of perfectly healthy dogs are also needed to begin to get a more complete picture. 

The information gathered in this survey was sent in on a voluntary basis by members of the club, and was gathered and received in good faith, and will be kept in confidence. It is an excellent basis on which to start collecting and collating information. If you sent in a completed health survey form 'THANK YOU'. This is really all your work.

Please note that at any time, if you feel you have information that would be of value please get in touch with the Health Co-ordinator here. 
















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